Startup Chronicled launched Open registry for the Internet of Things in the Ethereum

Открытый реестр IoT

Chronicled Inc., a technology company in San Francisco, runs the Open Register for the Internet of Things. Built on blokcheyne Ethereum, the registry stores the unique codes of physical objects with embedded NFC chips and BLE (Bluetooth 4.0) — as a rule, consumer goods and collectible items. Consumers will be able to safely and securely receive confirmation of the identity of the goods, just bringing them to their gadgets. Chronicled — an open source project (standard Apache license).

Director Chronicled Ryan Orr (Ryan Orr):

Microprocessor-based company, the creators of physical objects — IP media, various brands can register and confirm their NFC and BLE chips in the public blokcheyne. It can already be ordered and placed on the goods protected from counterfeit chips.

Today chronicled Inc has already delivered about 10,000 NFC and BLE chips and provided initial funding for the registry. Читать далее «Startup Chronicled launched Open registry for the Internet of Things in the Ethereum»

CEX.IO Exchange Commission introduces a zero for market makers

комиссии CEX.IO

Based in the London Stock Exchange cryptocurrency CEX.IO introduced a new grid fees to encourage greater market liquidity. New commissions include 0% tariff for market makers (traders, place pending orders).

The new structure of commissions retains a standard 0.2% fee for Taker (traders to make transactions at current market price) for trading on all trading pairs.

As always, the Exchange provides special trading conditions for traders working with large volumes. In the near future, CEX.IO will contribute to further improvement of Maker-Taker model by introducing tiered grid trading volumes. Читать далее «CEX.IO Exchange Commission introduces a zero for market makers»

Technical Director Ripple told about the problems and lessons Blockchain

Ripple о проблемах блокчейна

The past year has opened a new chapter in the evolution of technology blokchain. The reason for that has served a number of painful lessons: fork Ethereum due hacking TheDAO; almost happened fork Bitcoin XT during the debate about the size of a block (a problem that is not solved now). These events have added to the negativity already growing frustration blokchain technology. Here is their common feature:

As the value of the network increases the number of participants with a variety of stakes and interests do not always coincide, so that financial issues are becoming stronger to dominate the technical discussions.

Blokchain — the general state of the system

The recent story of the Ethereum is not surprising. As blokchain growth, it becomes difficult to manage the vast and increasingly influential community. If we add to this tight time frame (eg, 27-day period split creating DAO), when an emergency resolution have to sacrifice something. For careful preparation hardforka in such a complex system as the Ethereum it is simply not enough time. Читать далее «Technical Director Ripple told about the problems and lessons Blockchain»

The Chinese government gives positive signals for Bitcoin

биткоин в Китае

The attitude of the Chinese authorities to cryptocurrency always remained unclear, hiding behind evasive formulations expressed temili other politician. Who planned the positive trend seen kriptovalyutnogo representatives of Chinese business.

Li Dawei, CEO CHBTC — the largest in terms of turnover and ETH ETC kriptovalyutnoy China’s stock exchanges, also occupies the fourth place in terms of trading with of BTC, he said in an interview:

Recently, the Chinese government gives positive signals with regard to digital currency and blokcheyna technology. Positive statements are based, in particular, from the Office of Cyber Security National Bank of China (Cyber security bureau, PBOC). Читать далее «The Chinese government gives positive signals for Bitcoin»

Japanese banks create a consortium blokchain

японский блокчейн консорциум

Creating blokcheyn Consortium this year assumes the character of the trend. Following the Bank of Russia in the process joined and Japanese banks with the support of Ripple.

Services of currency exchange (Forex) are ideally suited for integration blokcheyna technology. With faster time calculations and the public ledger to account for transactions, the technology creates all the preconditions for conversion of currency trading sector. A new consortium of Japanese banks will work with blokcheynom for centralized sharing services using the domestic and foreign currency.

The new consortium is formed by a partnership between SBI Ripple Asia Co Ltd and SBI Holdings Inc. Both companies want to work on improving settlement services available today in Japan. SBI Ripple Asia exploring the possibilities of distributed blokcheyna technology in transactions settlement sector. Читать далее «Japanese banks create a consortium blokchain»

What is new is expected in Bitcoin Core 0.13?

Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core 0.13.0 code marked as ready for release. This means that in the next few days is expected to release its thirteenth version of the official Bitcoin client, which must be implemented in accordance with several important updates two-year plan of the network scalability.

Bitcoin Core 0.13.0 Developments lasted about five months, about 100 people participated in them. Despite the fact that this process coincided with the development of solutions Segregated Witness, on which considerable effort was spent, compared with Bitcoin Core 0.12, the client Bitcoin Core 0.13.0 contains about a dozen very significant changes.

The most important updates in this version: Читать далее «What is new is expected in Bitcoin Core 0.13?»

Chainalysis can turn viruses extortionists in a relic of the past


Reign of terror established by malicious programs-extortionists Bitcoin (ransomware), may soon come to an end. According to the company Chainalysis, specializes in the development of technologies cryptanalysis blokcheyna, law enforcement agencies are stepping up their strength to fight the likes of cybercrime.

In recent years, the scale of ransomware attacks are growing rapidly. Cybercriminals, selects the first as the target individual users, have switched to a more serious purpose. The list of recent victims — large companies, banking and financial institutions and hospitals, not to mention the attacks on police stations.

To date encryption technology in combination with pseudonymous Bitcoin transactions hindered the fight against the attacks of viruses extortionists. However, the development of cryptanalysis blokcheyna technology made it possible to monitor such transactions. Читать далее «Chainalysis can turn viruses extortionists in a relic of the past»

Bitfenix offer customers their shares instead of tokens BFC

Bitfinex предлагает решение

Members Bitfinex will soon have the opportunity to exchange tokens of the BFX, given to them instead of the stolen Bitcoins, the shares registered in the British Virgin Islands company iFinex Inc, which manages this exchange. In contrast to the spread of the BFX tokens, which was carried out in the framework of the socialization of losses under compulsion, exchange tokens for the shares will be offered only willing to share the fate of the stock exchange.

Yesterday Bitfinex published news of an agreement of intent with British investment platform BnkToTheFuture, which implies cooperation in the framework of the conversion into shares BFX iFinex Inc.

Director Bitfinex Jean Louis van der Velde (Jean Louis van der Velde) told the publication that the company will cover the crack investigative process and disclose their financial situation before you give customers the possibility of conversion. Читать далее «Bitfenix offer customers their shares instead of tokens BFC»

Leshi, China’s largest provider of video content, integrate blockchain

блокчейн Leshi

Leshi, China’s largest provider of online video content, with more than 1.6 billion US dollars in annual revenue, has announced plans to introduce blokchain Technology Ministry of China Electronics Standardization Institute (Ministry of Electronics Standards Institute, MESI).

The company has created two subsidiaries under its own brand names with LeFinance Blockchain Labs and LeEco Blockchain Alliance, to create a white paper for use blokcheyna. Leshi development team plans to integrate these solutions into their newly launched platform LeFinShare.

LeFinShare — a platform for the dissemination of music and digital content, through which artists and content providers can monetize their creations, using tokens Leshi, which will be distributed at the start LeFinShare platform. Читать далее «Leshi, China’s largest provider of video content, integrate blockchain»

Dmitry Marinichev Ombudsman will accept Bitcoin for election campaign

Дмитрий Мариничев

August 20th annual conference CIF 3 (Crypto Install Fest), on which the Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev said that he was going to accept donations in Bitcoins for his election campaign to the State Duma.

CIF — this conference, during which the IT-specialists, lawyers and community leaders to discuss the current situation with freedom of speech and censorship on the Internet. In particular, issues relating to government regulation of the Internet, anonymity and protection of personal data, as well as new technologies decentralization.

Responsible for organizing the event the Company is «Try to change the reality» and the Pirate Party of Russia with the support of «RosKomSvobody» and the Association of Internet users. Читать далее «Dmitry Marinichev Ombudsman will accept Bitcoin for election campaign»